What Procurement can really do for you?

Or why do you need someone to remember you that the best and long-lasting deals never come on their own as a surprise?

Win-Win situations are not blooming from the dark, you need to walk a long and most of the time exhausting path to reach them, and then you better get prepared with a little help from us!

We can offer you a structured approach through several sourcing steps from analyzing the initial deal situation, setting up smart negotiation targets, getting prepared on your negotiation strategy, up to solving together unexpected issues during the course of your negotiation process.

What will you do for instance if you are not in a strong position to negotiate with you supplier, and you absolutely need to secure a Time-to-Market deadline as your main objective?
Is it really sensible to pursue price, delay and quality all at the same time?
What will you do with the perfect product/service if you are delivering it too late to your customers?

Not only should we think about the compromises we are ready to make, but also how to make ourselves more attractive to obtain good if not exclusive conditions: Why this supplier would prefer to make business with me than with my competitor?

What can I offer him in return to reaching my golden objective?
Thinking outside of the box is part of our small boutique approach, and we are also ready to assist you in the deal implementation once agreed to make sure you reach the intended deal benefits and conditions, but also that you capitalize on your own learned experience along our good practices.

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